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Math to fit your personal style
and unique students.

Professor B Mathematics
Activating the Contextual Learner

Instructional Videos - Digital Download

Level 1 Video

Level 2 Videos

Level 3 Videos
Do you suffer from a math phobia?

Not sure you can teach math?

Do you lack confidence?

Are you reluctant to teach math because you are weak in this area?

Are you a visual, hands-on, or auditory learner?

Professor B Mathematics Training Videos to the rescue!!

Professor Barrett will personally teach you with these videos. His instructions will give you confidence that, YES, you can do it, no matter how you learn best! Each video gives a step-by-step tutorial for using this excellent curriculum. Older children would also benefit from the videos. They DO NOT replace the Texts that must be used. They also provide additional teaching ideas.

- Optional but Helpful -

Professor B Kits

Save money by purchasing kits.

Professor B Level 1 Kit
Kit includes the Level 1 Teacher Textbook, Student Workbook, Answer Key, and Chart book
Professor B Level 2 Kit
Kit includes the Level 2 Teacher Textbook, Student Workbook, and Answer Key
Professor B Level 3 Kit
Kit includes the Level 3 Teacher Textbook, Student Workbook, and Answer Key
Professor B Complete Kit
Kit includes all the books for Levels 1, 2, and 3.
Video Download Upgrade Kit
Kit includes all 5 Videos for Levels 1 to 3