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Optional Manipulatives

Does your child need to see concepts physically illustrated?

Have a hands-on child who needs to move things to learn?

While not required or referred to in the teaching instructions, Professor B Math lends itself well to the addition of math manipulatives. If you have a child who seems to need extra visual or hands-on experience, these tools will help you to meet those needs.

- Optional but Helpful -

NOTE: If you purchase these items your order must be sent by Priority Mail within the USA.
Math manipulatives do not qualify for media mail.

Beginning Counting Set
These pre-cut felt sets are printed in brilliant colours on heavy quality felt for lasting durability in the hands of many children! Great for: sorting, matching, counting, talking about differences, tactile development, memory matching games, visualizing math equations and much more. 10 each of 10 2½ inch figures such as ladybugs, panda bears, puppies, etc., two sets of numbers, math symbols, and a 12 page lesson guide are included. 132 pieces in total.

Hex-A-Link Cubes
100 - 2cm plastic linking cubes - 10 each of 10 colours, linkable on all six sides. These are indispensable for teaching a wide range of math concepts to hands-on and visual learners. Great also for their play value. Use these for teaching a wide variety of math concepts, colour, patterning, spatial reasoning, and more. Previously called Cube-a-Link Cubes.

Place Value Counting Sticks
100 - 10cm (4") plastic counting sticks in 10 different colours. Colours may vary from those pictured.