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Instant Master Teacher

Level 1

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Professor B Math Level 1
Instant Master Teacher Level 1

Instant Master Teacher Level 1 Kit
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Level 1 Workbook

Level 1 Answer Key

Table of Contents - Level 1

• Understanding "One" Through "Ten"
• Complements in Ten
• Counting to Ten by Ones; Forward/Backward with Adding/Subtracting One
• Counting to Ten by Twos - Two Ways; Forward/Backward with Adding/Subtracting Two
• Counting to Ten by Thress - Three Ways; Forward/Backward with Adding/Subtracting Three
• More, Less, Equal; Comparing Numbers-Ten or Less
• Lower Addition/Subtraction Facts
• Counting to One Hundred
• Vocabulary and Symbolism of Numeration-Place Value-Value of Each Digit
• Applying Place Value-Representing Numbers with Manipulatives-Standard/Expanded Form
• Adding Two Large Whole Numbers (without regrouping)-Tell the Truth
• Trapping, Rounding, Estimating
• Subtracting One Large Whole Number from Another (without exchanging)-Tell the Truth
• Higher Addition/Subtraction Facts
• Ten for One Game
• Addition of Large Numbers with Regrouping-Tell the Truth
• One for Ten Game
• Subtraction of Large Numbers with Exchanging-Tell the Truth
• Finding the Missing Number
• Problem Solving Involving Addition and Subtraction
• Mental Addition/Column Addition